These kiln dust cyclones with a service temperature of 400 – 500 degrees were installed and commissioned in January 2012.

These cyclones are coated with molded ceramic DMZ (zirconia of alumina and silicon) thickness 25 mm. These materials are from an electric arc furnace fusion. The molten material is poured into sand molds, after shaking, it undergoes a specific heat treatment. This results in characteristics of extreme resistance to abrasion as well as to high thermal stresses. Previously, the solution chosen by the customer was the use of composite sheets of chromium carbide / niobium / molybden hardness 63 – 65 HRC (lifetime of 4 years).

In 2012 we supplied these cyclones coated with molded DMZ ceramics.

During our visit in February 2018, after 6 years of use, we have reached approximately 60% of the total life.