Tungsten carbides

  • Manufacturing: the powder resulting from the mixture of tungsten carbide and cobalt is characterized by two main parameters: the quantity of cobalt and the particle size. These parameters will greatly influence the mechanical properties of the manufactured part. Cobalt, in powder form, is mixed with tungsten carbide. Once the powder is pressed and shaped, the piece is consolidated by sintering. It is heated to a temperature between 1300 ° C and 1600 ° C. Cobalt liquefies and diffuses between tungsten carbide particles. It will act as a binder between grains. There are two types of sintering: vacuum and high pressure. The compacted and heated element is subjected to high pressure homogeneously applied through an inert gas.
  • Use: A high grain size of tungsten carbides and a high percentage of cobalt will provide high impact strength to the workpiece. Each application must be analyzed to choose the optimum tungsten carbide grade that will provide the best wear resistance and acceptable shock resistance.