Ceramic technic

  • Manufacturing: Our sintered DMZ ceramics are made from a complex mixture of 92% alumina powder. The alumina oxide is ground and dried, after which the alumina will be compressed in a metal mold. After demolding, the cuts and machining will be carried out before introduction into a controlled annealing furnace reaching a temperature of the order of 1600 ° C. After firing, this material has extremely high characteristics with regard to heat and abrasion.
  • Applications: our sintered DMZ ceramics are mainly used for the protection of installations and equipment exposed to high abrasion and erosion at low or high temperature.
  • Formats: Many forms of parts can be produced, up to a thickness of 75 mm. The most common forms are flat tiles, cylinders, etc. However, more complex shapes can be produced by machining before baking.
  • Installations: Most installations are performed using a range of adhesives with different characteristics depending on the application. Mechanical fasteners are used for elements mounted in vertical or inverted position.